Alternative Fashion

I buy a lot of nice clothes but I don’t wear them out of fear of ruining them. I fold my new clothes and put them in my walk-in closet and leave the tag on them. My closet is full of outfits that would make my daily life a catwalk. Yet, I always choose an old t-shirt and a pair of leggings. Am I the only one ?

It is certainly not by laziness. I simply believe that, nowadays, it is difficult to be stunning. What I want to say is that we are easily overdressed although it is really cute. We are scared of being too chic, too sexy, too basic, too much everything ! Why can’t we just sport a certain style one day and then wear somethig completely different the next if we want, and be proud?! The answer is as simple : we refrain from it.

The problem is us.

Today, I am showing you what I would love to look like for a nice outdoor walk on a beautiful sunny day. So what ?

Lory Gagnon

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